Xi You Ji (Journey to the West) by Wu Cheng-en. 

Chapter 50

Translation © 2011 Patrick Edwin Moran

A poem says:
The field of mind be swept and swept again,
From dusty desires be sedulously refined.
Let not our moat encroach adjoining fen.
Keep body always pure and clean. --
Only then attain the primal first.
Cull the nature's flame of all contaminants.
Let multitudes of brooks and streams breathe free.
Let not ape- or horse-like breaths crudely gasp.
But day and night most quietly breathe,
The fruit of long-practice first to brightly shine.

這一首詞,牌名《南柯子》,單道著唐僧脫卻通天河寒冰之災,踏白黿負登彼岸。師徒四眾,順著大路,望西而進。正遇嚴冬之景,但見那林光漠漠煙中淡,山骨稜 稜水外清。

This lyric, sung to the tune called "Master of Southern Ke," relates how Tripitaka escaped the disaster of the freezing of the Waterway to Heaven, mounted upon a white sea turtle, and ascended to the other shore. The four of them, master and disciples, followed the great roadway. heading toward the west. Just then they encountered a scene of deepest winter, wherein only were visible dimly through a murky smoke a glint of light in the forest. The skeletal form of a mountain emerged in clearness like beams or rafters from out the water's depths.

師徒們正當行處,忽然又遇一座大山,阻住去道。路窄崖高,石多嶺峻,人馬難進。三藏在馬上兜住韁繩,叫聲:「徒弟。」時有孫行者引豬八戒、沙僧近前侍立 道:「師父,有何吩咐?」三藏道:「你看那前面山高,恐有虎狼作怪,妖獸傷人,今番是必仔細!」行者道:「師父放心莫慮。我等兄弟三人心和意合,歸正求 真,使出蕩怪降妖之法,怕甚麼虎狼妖獸?」三藏聞言,只得放懷前進。到於谷口,促馬登崖,擡頭仔細觀看,好山:

Master and disciples were moving right along when all of a sudden they came upon a great mountain blocking their way forward. The road became narrow and its abutments were high. The boulders were numerous and the mountain peak was lofty, making it difficult for both humans and horses to make progress. On his horse, Tripitaka snubbed the reins tighter and called out: "Disciples!"  Thereupon Monkey led Pigsy and Sandy to come forth and stand in attendance on their master, saying: "Master, what is your command?" Tripitaka said: "See how tall that mountain up ahead must be, I fear that there are tigers and wolves up to their evil tricks, and phantom beasts to harm humans. This time we must be careful." Monkey said: "Master, please be reassured and pay it no mind. The three of us brothers are harmonious of mind and united in intent. We have returned to being upright and are seeking to be true. When we shall have deployed our methods for sweeping away anomalous creatures and for defeating monsters, what need will there be to fear any tigers, wolves, or phantom beasts?"

嵯峨矗矗,Oh, how tall. Oh how lofty.
變削巍巍。They tower in varying heights.
嵯峨矗矗沖霄漢,Loftily towering they pierce the heavens and the Milky Way.
變削巍巍礙碧空。Magestic and magnificent, they obstruct the pure blue sky.
怪石亂堆如坐虎,Strange boulders in disorganized piles resemble crouching tigers.
蒼松斜掛似飛龍。Dark green pines grow to one side and look like flying dragons.
嶺上鳥啼嬌韻美,Birds on the mountain tops sing beautiful tunes.
崖前梅放異香濃。Plum trees growing on the edge of cliffs release a strange and heavy fragrance.
澗水潺湲流出冷,Splashing water in rivulets and torrents flows out cold.
巔雲黯淡過來兇。Clouds black or whispy rush fiercely over the peaks.
又見那飄飄雪,   And now, just see the snowflakes floating down.
凜凜風,咆哮餓虎吼山中。The shivering wind blasts, and the growls of hungry tigers resound from mountain to mountain.
寒鴉揀樹無棲處,野鹿尋窩沒定蹤。A freezing crow tries hopelessly to roost, a wild deer ranges aimlessly seeking refuge.
可嘆行人難進步,皺眉愁臉把頭蒙。How mournful, the travelers find their progress hard. They wrinkle their eyebrows, show worry on their faces, and cover their heads.

師徒四眾冒雪沖寒,戰澌澌行過那巔峰峻嶺,遠望見山凹中有樓臺高聳,房舍清幽。唐僧馬上欣然道:「徒弟啊,這一日又飢又寒,幸得那山凹裡有樓臺房舍,斷乎 是莊戶人家,菴觀寺院;且去化些齋飯,吃了再走。」行者聞言,急睜睛看,只見那壁廂兇雲隱隱,惡氣紛紛。回首對唐僧道:「師父,那廂不是好處。」三藏道: 「見有樓臺亭宇,如何不是好處?」行者笑道:「師父啊,你那裡知道。西方路上多有妖怪邪魔,善能點化莊宅。不拘甚麼樓臺房舍,館閣亭宇,俱能指化了哄人。 你知道『龍生九種」,內有一種名蜃。蜃氣放光,就如樓閣淺池。若遇大江昏迷,蜃現此勢。倘有鳥鵲飛騰,定來歇翅。那怕你上萬論千,盡被他一氣吞之。此意害 人最重。那壁廂氣色兇惡,斷不可入。」

The four of them, master and disciples, fought into the snow and charged into the cold. Drained by their fight they crossed over the peak that constituted the summit of the steep mountain range. Then in the distance they saw a hollow from which a tower rose tall, and dwellings that seemed both clean and quiet. Immediately, Tripitaka proclaimed delightedly: "Disciples, for this whole day we have been both hungry and cold, but fortunately down in yonder hollow lies a tower and associated dwellings. Surely that must be a farm village and a cloister for a Buddhist temple or a Daoist monastery. Let's just go down and liquidate a little of our merit for something to eat. After we've supped, we can go forward." When Monkey heard these words, he hurriedly opened wide his eyes to look, but what he saw was that those walled compound concealed an evil cloud, and was roiling with a miasma. He turned his head and said to Tripitaka, "Master, that compound is not a good place." Tripitaka said, "Look, there is a tower, a pavilion, and buildings. How can you say it is not a good place?" Monkey chuckled and said, "Oh, Master, how could you know? On the roads here in the west there are hordes monsters and evil fiends, and they are all good at transforming into dwellings. Regardless of what kind of tower or house, public building, pavilion, or dwelling it is, they can turn into something in order to deceive humans. You have heard the saying, "Dragons are born in nine species."  Among them there is one kind called a loch monster. The breath of such a sea monster glows, and it looks just like the shallow pool associated with a stately dwelling. When one comes across a great river and becomes disoriented, the loch monster will exhibit its power. If a magpie should happen by and settle at the pond's edge to rest its wings, then no matter what arguments one might raise to defend against the fact, that bird would be gobbled down in a single mouthful.  The malevolent intent of these creatures is of the highest intensity. The coloration of the evil miasma inhabiting that walled compound shows utterly evil. We absolutely must not enter."

三藏道:「既不可入,我卻著實飢了。」行者道:「師父果飢,且請下馬,就在這平處坐下,待我別處化些齋來你吃。」三藏依言下馬,八戒採定韁繩。沙僧放下行 李,即去解開包裹,取出缽盂,遞與行者。行者接缽盂在手中,吩咐沙僧道:「賢弟,卻不可前進。好生保護師父穩坐於此,待我化齋回來,再往西去。」沙僧領 諾。行者又向三藏道:「師父,這去處少吉多凶,切莫要動身別往。老孫化齋去也。」唐僧道:「不必多言,但要你快去快來。我在這裡等你。」行者轉身欲行,卻 又回來道:「師父,我知你沒甚坐性,我與你個安身法兒。」即取金箍棒,幌了一幌,將那平地下週圍畫了一道圈子,請唐僧坐在中間;著八戒、沙僧侍立左右,把 馬與行李都放在近身。對唐僧合掌道:「老孫畫的這圈,強似那銅牆鐵壁。憑他甚麼虎豹狼蟲,妖魔鬼怪,俱莫敢近。但只不許你們走出圈外,只在中間穩坐,保你 無虞;但若出了圈兒,定遭毒手。千萬千萬,至祝至祝。」三藏依言,師徒俱端然坐下。

Tripitaka said: "Since we cannot enter, I really feel starved now." Monkey said, "If Master is truly so hungry, then please dismount and remain seated here. Wait for me to go elsewhere, and create opportunity for some merit by which to procure food for you to eat."  Tripitaka did accordingly dismount while Pigsy held the reins. Sandy put down the luggage, and went to open up a bag from which he extracted a begging bowl, which he gave to Monkey. Monkey took the begging bowl over into his own hands, and ordered Sandy: "My good elder brother, you must certainly not go further on. Be a good man and protect our Master while he sits securely here. Await my return from begging, and then we will head on further west." Sandy promised to do so. Monkey turned again to Tripitaka and said: "Master, there are few  auspicious things and many evil ones hereabouts. Whatever you do, do not move away from here. I am going off to beg for food." Tripitaka said: "Say no more. All I ask is that you leave soon and return sooner. I will await you here." Monkey turned away and started off, but then he came back and said, "Master, I know that you do not have the patience to sit still. I will give you a method of protecting yourself." Then he took his metal cudgel, whirled it around, and traced a protective circle on the ground around them. He asked for Tripitaka to sit inside the circle, and for Pigsy and Sandy to stand on either side of him. He put the horse and luggage nearby. Monkey placed his hands palm to palm to salute Tripitaka and said: "The circle that I have drawn is as strong as a bronze wall or an iron fort. Regardless of whatever tiger, panther, wolf, or other fierce creature, whatever demon or fiend it may be, none will dare to advance upon it. All that is required is for you not to leave its protection. Just sit composedly within this circle and I guarantee that you will be without anything to worry about. But if you should leave the protection of this circle, you will surely encounter a potent adversary. For Heaven's sake, carry out the intent of my invocations." Tripitaka did as he was bidden, and master and students composed themselves and sat down.


Monkey aimed his flying cloud higher to search for some farm village where he could beg some food. He continued flying south until suddenly he saw an ancient tree that reached so high it melded with the sky, and with it stood a village. He slowed down his cloud and gave it a thorough examination. However, all he could see was:


Snow bullying a wavering willow, ice formed up on rectangular ponds.
Sparse and thin, the cultivated bamboo waved green.
Dense and thick, the tall pines clotted blueish green.
Several crudely constructed dwellings limned in silver,
A little bridge of slanted powdery bricks,
A thin line of daffodils poking through at the edge of a fence,
Long icicles hanging down like frozen chopsticks.
A cold moaning wind delivers some strange fragrance.
The unremitting snow has hidden the plum trees where they bloom.

行者隨步觀看莊景,只聽得呀的一聲,柴扉響處,走出一個老者,手拖藜杖,頭頂羊裘,身穿破衲,足踏蒲鞋,拄著杖,仰身朝天道:「西北風起,明日晴了。」說 不了,後邊跑出一個哈巴狗兒來,望著行者,汪汪的亂吠。老者卻才轉過頭來,看見行者捧著缽盂。打個問訊道:「老施主,我和尚是東土大唐欽差上西天拜佛求經 者,適路過寶方,我師父腹中飢餒,特造尊府募化一齋。」老者聞言,點頭頓杖道:「長老,你且休化齋,你走錯路了。」行者道:「不錯。」老者道:「往西天大 路,在那直北下。此間到那裡有千里之遙,還不去找大路而行?」行者笑道:「正是直北下。我師父現在大路上端坐,等我化齋哩。」那老者道:「這和尚胡說了。 你師父在大路上等你化齋,似這千里之遙,就會走路,也須得六七日,走回去又要六七日,卻不餓壞他也?」行者笑道:「不瞞老施主說,我才然離了師父,還不上 一盞熱茶之時,卻就走到此處。如今化了齋,還要尚趕去作午齋哩。」

Step by step Monkey scrutinized the village scene, and all he heard was a sound like "Yaaa!" when a plank door swung open and an old person walked out. On his head he wore a sheepskin cap, and on his shoulders he had draped a tattered cassock. His feet were shod in calamus shoes, and he supported himself on a staff. He straightened his body and declaimed: "A wind is rising in the northwest, so tomorrow will be a clear day," and before he could finish a pug dog ran out from the house behind him. It faced toward Monkey and barked wildly. Only then did the old person turn his head and see Monkey presenting his begging bowl.  Monkey asked: "Venerable benefactor, I am a monk from the great Tang state in the east who has been deputed by royal decree to travel to the West to pay reverence to the Buddha and to seek sutras, and so as we were making our way we came upon your honored and precious precincts. My master is famished, and for that special reason I have come to your honorable dwelling in search of alms." The old person heard these words, nodded, tapped the ground with his staff, and said, "Reverend sir, please do not ask for alms. You have come to the wrong place." Monkey replied. "I have not come to the wrong place." The old person said, "The great road to the West is up there in the north. That's a thousand li from here. Why do you not get back on the great road?" Monkey laughed and said, "You are quite correct that it is directly north of here. My master is seated by the side of that great roadway, waiting for me to come back with alms." The old person said, "This monk is talking nonsense. Your master is waiting by the side of the road for you to solicit alms, and it would seem that he is a thousand li from here. Even if you could walk it, it would take six or seven days to get here and another six or seven days to get back there, so wouldn't he be be starved to death by then?" Monkey chuckled and said, "I am not deceiving you reverend benefactor. I just now left my master and within the time it would take to warm a bowl of tea I have traveled here. After having sought alms here I must hurry off to break the mid day fast."

老者見說,心中害怕道:「這和尚是鬼,是鬼。」急抽身往裡就走。行者一把扯住道:「施主那裡去?有齋快化些兒。」老者道:「不方便,不方便,別轉一家兒 罷。」行者道:「你這施主好不會事。你說我離此有千里之遙,若再轉一家,卻不又有千里?真是餓殺我師父也。」那老者道:「實不瞞你說,我家老小六七口,才 淘了三升米下鍋,還未曾煮熟。你且到別處去轉轉再來。」行者道:「古人云:『走三家不如坐一家。』我貧僧在此等一等罷。」那老者見纏得緊,惱了,舉藜杖就 打。行者公然不懼,被他照光頭上打了七八下,只當與他拂癢。那老者道:「這是個撞頭的和尚。」行者笑道:「老官兒,憑你怎麼打,只要記得杖數明白:一杖一 升米,慢慢量來。」那老者聞言,急丟了藜杖,跑進去把門關了,只嚷:「有鬼,有鬼。」慌得那一家兒戰戰兢兢,把前後門俱關了。

When the old gentleman had heard these words, he became fearful and said, "This monk is a demon, a fiend." He hurriedly pulled out of the situation and fled. But Monkey grabbed him and said, "Benefactor, where are you going? If there are alms then hurry up and produce them." The old gentleman said, "That would not be convenient! That would not be convenient! Why don't you go to some other household?" Monkey responded, "You are the kind of benefactor who really does not understand the way things work. Do you suppose that having come from over a thousand li away, would it not require me to travel another thousand li to find another household ? You are starving my master." The old gentleman said, "I truly am not trying to deceive you. There are about six or seven people in my household, young and old, and I only have three pints of rice to put in my pot. Moreover, it still has not finished cooking. Why don't you try somewhere else and then come back if you don't succeed?" Monkey responded, "A man of ancient times once said, 'It's better to sit down at one home than to rove around to three.' This impecunious monk had best wait here a while." The old gentleman perceived that he would not get off easily, became angry, raised up his staff and struck out at Monkey. Monkey was plainly not afraid even though he got hit on his bare head seven or eight times. To him it was only like rubbing an itch. That old gentleman said, "This is a monk that can butt heads." Monkey smiled and said, "Venerable sir, it won't make any difference how you strike at me, all you need to do is to keep an accurate count. For one stoke of the staff, one pint of rice. Take your time and perform your calculations." When that old gentleman heard these words he hurriedly tossed aside his staff, ran inside, and barred the door. He kept on screaming, "There's a demon outside! There's a demon outside!" He was so badly panicked that the entire household was put at high alert, and they tightly closed up all of their doors.

行者見他關了門,心中暗想:「這老賊才說淘米下鍋,不知是虛是實?常言道:『道化賢良釋化愚。』且等老孫進去看看。」好大聖,捻著訣,使個隱身遁法,徑走 入廚中看處,果然那鍋裡氣騰騰的,煮了半鍋乾飯。就把缽盂往裡一掗,滿滿的掗了一缽盂,即駕雲回轉不題。

Monkey realized that they had barred the doors, and in his heart he secretly thought, "This old crook just now said that he had rinsed his rice and put it into his pot. Who knows whether that was true or not. People always say, 'The Daoists transform only the elite, but the Buddhists try to transform even the stupid.' Just let me go in and take a look." So, by making a magic pass, the Great Sage made himself invisible. and entered into the kitchen to take a look. Just as had been said, the pot was putting forth a great cloud of steam, and a half pot of fluffy rice had been cooked, so he stuck his begging bowl in and slowly extracted a whole bowl of rice. Then he rode his cloud back without making any further comment on the matter.

卻說唐僧坐在圈子裡,等待多時,不見行者回來,欠身悵望道:「這猴子往那裡化齋去了?」八戒在傍笑道:「知他往那裡耍子去來?化甚麼齋,卻教我們在此坐 牢。」三藏道:「怎麼謂之坐牢?」八戒道:「師父,你原來不知,古人劃地為牢?他將棍子劃個圈兒,強似鐵壁銅牆,假如有虎狼妖獸來時,如何擋得他住?只好 白白的送與他吃罷了。」三藏道:「悟能,憑你怎麼處治?」八戒道:「此間又不藏風,又不避冷,若依老豬,只該順著路,往西且行。師兄化了齋,駕了雲,必然 來快,讓他趕來。如有齋,吃了再走。如今坐了這一會,老大腳冷!」

The word is that Tripitaka had been waiting in the circle for quite a long time without any sign of Monkey's return. His body suffering from lack of food, he lamented, "Where could that monkey have gone to seek alms?" Pigsy, at his side, laughed, "Who knows where he went begging. What kind of alms seeking is it that makes us prisoners here!" Tripitaka said, "Why do you say we have been made prisoners?" Pigsy responded, "Master, could you never have learned that in antiquity people drew lines on the earth to form a prison? Monkey used his cudgel to draw a circle, one that is as strong as an iron wall or a bronze wall, so that if a tiger, wolf, or demonic wild animal should come upon us, how could we defend ourselves against it? All we could do would be to let ourselves be eaten in vain." Tripitaka said, "Pigsy, how would you handle this?" Pigsy replied, "This circle does not hide us from the wind, nor does it let us avoid the cold. If we were to do things my way, then the only choice would be to follow along the road and keep on going west. If Monkey secures some alms and comes along riding on his cloud, then he certainly will get here before too long, so let him catch up with us at that time. If he has alms, then we will just eat and go on from there. I've been sitting for so long that my feet are freezing."

三藏聞此言,就是晦氣星到了。遂依獃子,一齊出了圈外。八戒牽了馬,沙僧擔了擔,那長老順路步行前進。不一時,到了樓閣之所,卻原來是坐北向南之家。門外 八字粉牆,有一座倒垂蓮升斗門樓,都是五色裝的。那門兒半開半掩。八戒就把馬拴在門枕石鼓上;沙僧歇了擔子;三藏畏風,坐於門限之上。八戒道:「師父,這 所在想是公侯之宅,相輔之家。前門外無人,想必都在裡面烘火。你們坐著,讓我進去看看。」唐僧道:「仔細耶,莫要衝撞了人家。」獃子道:「我曉得。自從歸 正禪門,這一向也學了些禮數,不比那村莽之夫也。」

Tripitaka listened to all of this and it seemed to him like a star appearing in the middle of a dark miasma. So forthwith he followed that dolt, and they all went forth together from out of the circle. Pigsy led the horse, Sandy carried their satchels on his pole, and that elder monk and teacher went forth along the road. Before long they arrived at the foot of a tower. It was a home that was built facing toward the south. Outside the gate there was a whitewashed wall with left and right edges sloping in toward the center. There was a tower of curious construction, and everything was decorated in five colors. The door to the dwelling was half open. Pigsy tethered the horse to a stone protuberance near to the door. Sandy put down his carrying pole. Tripitaka sat on the doorsill to try to escape the wind. Pigsy said, "Master, from the looks of it this must be the house of a duke or a marquis, or maybe that of an assistant to a great minister. Since nobody is out in front of the house, I think they must all be inside huddling before the fire. You all sit here, and let me go in to take a look."  Tripitaka said, "Be careful. Do not get everybody all shaken up." The dolt replied, "I know. Ever since I returned to the fold of the Zen order I have been learning some manners and the regular way to do things. I am not the rude villager I once way."

那獃子把釘鈀撒在腰裡,整一整青錦直裰,斯斯文文,走入門裡。只見是三間大廳,簾櫳高控,靜悄悄全無人跡,也無桌椅家火。轉過屏門,往裡又走,乃是一座穿 堂。堂後有一座大樓,樓上窗格半開,隱隱見一頂黃綾帳幔。獃子道:「想是有人怕冷,還睡哩。」他也不分內外,拽步只管走上樓來。用手掀開看時,把獃子諕了 一個躘踵。原來那帳裡象牙床上,白媸媸的一堆骸骨,骷髏有巴斗大,腿挺骨有四五尺長。那獃子定了性,止不住腮邊淚落,對骷髏點頭嘆云:「你不知是:

The great dolt put his harrow fork in place, straightened out his formal robes and monkish clothing so that everything was quite in proper order, and then he entered through the door.  He could see that there were three great halls hung with high-reaching drapes, but it was all silent and without the slightest sign of human habitation. Furthermore, there were no tables, chairs, or other furniture. After going around the screen that keep out the draft from the door, he walked farther inside where he found a corridor. At the end of the corridor there was a great tower with a half-opened window frame. He could barely see a yellow curtain. The dolt said, "I think it must be that somebody is bothered by the cold and is still asleep." He made no distinction between mine and theirs but made steady progress up into the tower. When he had parted the curtain to take a look he really got knocked back on his heels. There was a bleached skeleton on an ivory bed behind that curtain. The skull was as large as a basket, and its thigh was four or five feet long. The dolt got control of himself but could not avoid wetting his chops with tears. He sighed and said to the skeleton, "I do not know you to be the:

Body of the generalissimo of what dynasty, what royal house? The great general of what nation, what country?
At that time so long ago a hero fought for supremacy, but today he is nothing more than a desolate pile of bones.
You will not see your wife come to care for you, nor encounter knights and squires preparing incense to burn.
Catching a glimpse of this sight I am genuinely overcome with sorrow; O, unfortunate person who strove to restore the kingly way and bring about the concord of nations!

八戒正才感嘆,只見那帳幔後有火光一幌。獃子道:「想是有侍奉香火之人在後面哩。」急轉步,過帳觀看,卻是穿樓的窗扇透光。那壁廂有一張彩漆的桌子,桌子 上亂搭著幾件錦繡綿衣。獃子提起來看時,卻是三件納錦背心兒。

Pigsy was just in the midst of sighing with deep emotion, when he perceived that behind the curtain there was a flare of light. The dolt proclaimed, "I think there is somebody behind that curtain whose job it is to burn incense." He excitedly reversed his course and passed beyond the curtain to take a look. But it was light coming in through the window in the tower. In that compartment there was a table painted with richly decorated lacquer. In disarray on the table there were placed several sets of padded embroidered clothing. When the dolt raised himself up to take a better look he saw that there were three embroidered vests.

他也不管好歹,拿下樓來,出廳房,徑到門外道:「師父,這裡全沒人煙,是一所亡靈之宅。老豬走進裡面,直至高樓之上,黃綾帳內,有一堆骸骨。串樓傍有三件 納錦的背心,被我拿來了,也是我們一程兒造化。此時天氣寒冷,正當用處。師父,且脫了褊衫,把他且穿在底下,受用受用,免得吃冷。」三藏道:「不可,不 可。律云:『公取竊取皆為盜。』倘或有人知覺,趕上我們,到了當官,斷然是一個竊盜之罪。還不送進去與他搭在原處。我們在此避風坐一坐,等悟空來時走路。 出家人不要這等愛小。」八戒道:「四顧無人,雖雞犬亦不知之,但只我們知道,誰人告我?有何證見?就如拾得的一般,那裡論甚麼公取竊取也?」三藏道:「你 胡做啊。雖是人不知之,天何蓋焉?玄帝垂訓云:『暗室虧心,神目如電。』趁早送去還他,莫愛非禮之物。」

With no regard for what is good and what is bad, he took them down from the tower, went out of the great hall, and then to the outside where he proclaimed: "Master. There is no sign of men or of habitation. This is a dwelling devoid of life. I went inside and all the way up into a tower, and in behind a yellow curtain, and there was a pile of bones. To the side there were three embroidered vests, which I have brought with me. This is our lucky day. It is very cold now, and these will serve our needs. Master. take off your outer vestments and put this on underneath. Go on, use it. Use it. Otherwise you will take a chill." Tripitaka said. "It is wrong to do that. It is wrong. The vinaya says: 'To seize something publicly or to seize something stealthily is in any case stealing.'  Supposing others gain knowledge of this act and come chasing after us and convey us to the authorities. It would unquestionably be adjudged a theft. Why haven't you already taken them back where you got them? We will sit here a while to avoid the wind, and when Monkey comes we will walk on. People who have left their families to become monks do not crave such petty things." Pigsy said, "I looked everywhere and nobody was around. Not even a chicken or a dog knows of it. It is only we who know. Who is going to tell on us? What proof would they have? It's just like finding something. What relevance is there to any 'seizing publicly or seizing stealthily'?" Tripitika said, "You are behaving in a barbaric way. Even if nobody knows what happened, is there anything that has shielded us from being seen by Heaven? The enduring legacy of the sage king Yu says: 'What happens in a darkened room can still degrade one's heart and mind. The eyes of the spirits pierce everywhere like lightning.' Get these things back where they belong at the earliest possible moment. Never desire things the possession of which is an affront to Propriety."

那獃子莫想肯聽,對唐僧笑道:「師父啊,我自為人,也穿了幾件背心,不曾見這等納錦的。你不穿,且待老豬穿一穿,試試新,晤晤脊背。等師兄來,脫了還他走 路。」沙僧道:「既如此說,我也穿一件兒。」兩個齊脫了上蓋直裰,將背心套上。才緊帶子,不知怎麼立站不穩,撲的一跌。原來這背心兒賽過綁縛手,霎時間, 把他兩個背剪手貼心綑了。慌得個三藏跌足報怨,急忙來解,那裡便解得開。三個人在那裡吆喝之聲不絕,卻早驚動了魔頭。

That dolt had no intention of obeying, so he smiled and said to Tripitaka, "Oh, Master, in my guise as a human being I have worn several vests, but I have never seen this kind of embroidered vest. If you do not intend to wear one, just give me a chance to try one on. Let me try this new thing, and get a direct experience of it. When Monkey returns I will take it off, put it back where it came from, and then we can leave." Sandy said, "If that's the way it is to be done, they I will try one on too." The two of them took off their jackets and put on the vests. No sooner than they had secured the ties, than for some unknown reason they could no longer stand up straight. With a kerplop they fell to the ground. It turned out that these vests were more effective than handcuffs. In an instant, the vests paralyzed their backs, glued their hands, and drew them up toward their hearts. The whole thing panicked Tripitaka to the point the he stumbled around and made imprecations, ordering that somebody hurry up and free them. But how could they be freed? The anguished sounds of the three of them went on without end. But they had early on alerted the chief of the demons.

原來那座樓房果是妖精點化的,終日在此拿人。他在洞裡正坐,忽聞得怨恨之聲,急出門來看,果見綑住幾個人了。妖魔即喚小妖,同到那廂,收了樓臺房屋之形。 把唐僧攙住,牽了白馬,挑了行李,將八戒、沙僧一齊捉到洞裡。老妖魔登臺高坐,眾小妖把唐僧推近臺邊,跪伏於地。妖魔問道:「你是那方和尚?怎麼這般膽 大,白日裡偷盜我的衣服?」三藏滴淚告曰:「貧僧是東土大唐欽差往西天取經的。因腹中飢餒,著大徒弟去化齋未回,不曾依得他的言語,誤撞仙庭避風。不期我 這兩個徒弟愛小,拿出這衣物來。貧僧決不敢壞心,當教送還本處。他不聽吾言,要穿此晤晤脊背,不料中了大王機會,把貧僧拿來。萬望慈憫,留我殘生,求取真 經,永註大王恩情,回東土千古傳揚也。」那妖魔笑道:「我這裡常聽得人言:有人吃了唐僧一塊肉,髮白還黑,齒落更生。幸今日不請自來,還指望饒你哩。你那 大徒弟叫做甚麼名字?往何方化齋?」八戒聞言,即開口稱揚道:「我師兄乃五百年前大鬧天宮齊天大聖孫悟空也。」

That tower had, all this time, been a transformation of the body of a monster. It stood there all day long to catch people. The monster was sitting in meditation in his cave when he heard the sounds of protestation, and he instantly went out from there to take a look. As he had expected, he found several people tied up and waiting for him. The monster then summoned the little fiends, and they went to that room en masse. They collapsed the semblance of towers and dwellings.  They tied Tripitaka up, tethered the white horse, carried off the luggage, and took Pigsy and Sandy together into the cave. The old monster ascended his dais and sat in state. The multitude of little demons prodded Tripitaka up to the edge of the platform. and made him prostate himself on the ground. The monster asked? "Where do you come from, monk? How come you are so bold as to steal my clothing in broad daylight?" Tripitaka wept and said, "We impecunious monks were given an imperial mandate by the Great Tang Kingdom in the East to go to the West to get sutras. Because we were hungry, and because our chief disciple never returned with alms to feed us, we failed to comply with his advice, and in great error entered upon your immortal's precincts to avoid the wind. Unexpectedly, these two disciples of mine became greedy for mundane things and carried off these items of clothing. We impecunious monks do not dare harbor ill intent, and we should according to our own teaching have returned these items to their original place. My disciple would not obey me, and wanted to try it on so as to have a direct experience of it. Unexpectedly they ran afoul of this Great King's offered temptation, and the Great King has now brought us poor monks here. I most fervently hope for sympathy and compassion on your part. Let us have our spoiled lives. I plead that you will take up the way of genuine probity. In that case I will forever hold in mind the benefice of the Great King, and upon our return to the East will put this benefice forth for all to know." The demon laughed and said, "We here are always hearing people telling us, 'If people get to eat a mouthful of the meat of Tripitaka, their white hair will turn black again, their fallen out teeth will regrow themselves.' Fortunately for us, you came here today on your own, You even plead that you be forgiven. And what is that major disciple of yours called? In what direction did he go to seek alms?" Pigsy heard what he said, and so he opened his mouth and blurted out: "My elder is the one who wreaked havoc in Heaven five hundred years ago, the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Sun Wu-kong!"

那妖魔聽說是齊天大聖孫悟空,老大有些悚懼,口內不言,心中暗想道:「久聞那廝神通廣大,如今不期而會。」教:「小的們,把唐僧綑了;將那兩個解下寶貝, 換兩條繩子,也綑了。且擡在後邊,待我拿住他大徒弟,一發刷洗,卻好湊籠蒸吃。」眾小妖答應一聲,把三人一齊綑了,擡在後邊。將白馬拴在槽頭,行李挑在屋 裡。眾妖都磨兵器,準備擒拿行者不題。

That monster, when he heard that the other disciple was the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Sun Wu-kong, did indeed suffer some trepidation. He said nothing openly, but in his mind he silently said to himself, "I have long heard about that blasted creature and how his spirit is so all-encompassing. Now, unexpectedly, I am going to meet up with him." He instructed: "Youngsters, tie Tripitaka up. Relieve those other two of their valuables, and give them two lengths of strong rope in exchange. Tie them up. Lug them off to the rear. Wait until I've pinned down their elder disciple. Then the minute that task is accomplished you can scrub and wash them in preparation for putting them in the basket for steaming." The multitude of little demons all signaled their assent and tied up all three of them before carrying them off to the back room. They tethered the white horse to a manger. and carried the luggage into a closet. The multitude of little demons all sharpened their weapons. It goes without saying that they were preparing to capture Monkey.

卻說孫行者自南莊人家攝了一缽盂齋飯,駕雲回返舊路,徑至山坡平處,按下雲頭,早已不見唐僧,不知何往,棍劃的圈子還在,只是人馬都不見了。回看那樓臺處 所,亦俱無矣,惟見山根怪石。行者心驚道:「不消說了,他們定是遭那毒手也。」急依路看著馬蹄,向西而趕。

Meanwhile, Monkey had captured a begging bowl full of rice from the family in the south, and had been riding his cloud on the return path. When he came to the flat spot on the mountain slope he aimed his clout downward, but from afar he was aware that Tripitaka was not where he was supposed to be, and Monkey did not know where he could have disappeared to.

行有五六里,正在悽愴之際,只聞得北坡外有人言語。看時,乃一個老翁,氈衣蓋體,暖帽蒙頭,足下踏一雙半新半舊的油靴,手持著一根龍頭拐棒,後邊跟一個年 幼的僮僕,折一枝臘梅花,自坡前念歌而走。行者放下缽盂,覿面道個問訊,叫:「老公公,貧僧問訊了。」那老翁即便回禮道:「長老那裡來的?」行者道:「我 們東土來的,往西天拜佛求經,一行師徒四眾。我因師父飢了,特去化齋,教他三眾坐在那山坡平處相候。及回來不見,不知往那條路上去了。動問公公,可曾看 見?」老者聞言,呵呵冷笑道:「你那三眾,可有一個長嘴大耳的麼?」行者道:「有有有。」「又有一個晦氣色臉的,牽著一匹白馬,領著一個白臉的胖和尚 麼?」行者道:「是是是。」老翁道:「你們走錯路了,你休尋他,各人顧命去也。」行者道:「那白臉者是我師父,那怪樣者是我師弟。我與他共發虔心,要往西 天取經,如何不尋他去?」老翁道:「我才然從此過時,看見他們錯走了路徑,闖入妖魔口裡去了。」行者道:「煩公公指教指教,是個甚麼妖魔?居於何方我好上 門取索他等,往西天去也。」老翁道:「這座山叫做金兜山。山前有個金兜洞,那洞中有個獨角兕大王。那大王神通廣大,威武高強。那三眾此回斷沒命了,你若去 尋他,只怕連你也難保,不如不去之為愈也。我也不敢阻你,也不敢留你,只憑你心中度量。」

After traveling five or six miles, when he was on the edge of mourning and sorrow, he heard some people talking beyond the northern slope. When he went to look he saw that it was an old man wearing felt clothing on his body and a warm cap on his head. On his feet he was wearing a pair of neither new nor old oil shoes. In his hand he grasped a dragon-headed walking stick, and following along behind him was a young boy servant who had broken off a branch of wax-plum flowers and was walking along while chanting and singing some lyrics. Monkey put down his begging bowl, and, approaching them so that they stood face to face, greeted them, saying, "Venerable grandfather, this impecunious monk would ask for information." The old gentleman returned his salute and said, "Whence has my elder come?" Monkey said, "We are from the East, and are going to the West to pay our respects to the Buddha and to seek sutras. All the way along there have been four of us, master and disciples. Because our master became famished, I went along to seek alms. I instructed the three of them to remain seated on that flat spot on the mountain slope and wait for my return. But now that I have returned I don't see them there. I do not know which road they might have followed. Grandfather, may I ask whether you have seen them or not?" The old one heard him out, and then with a grunt and a cold smile said, "Among those three friends of yours, was there one with a long snout and big ears?" Monkey said. "Yes, yes, yes!" "And was there one with a dark complexion who was leading a white horse, and leading along a fat monk with a white face?" Monkey said, "Right, right, right!" The old fellow said: "You have gone the wrong way. You need not seek them. Each of them has taken his life into his own hands." Monkey said, "The one with the white face is my master. Those strange looking ones are my fellow disciples. Together we formed a devout intention to go to the West to secure sutras. So how could I fail to go in search of them?" The old fellow said, "Not long ago from this very point I observed them take the wrong fork in the road and blunder into the mouth of a monster." Monkey said, "May I trouble Grandfather to give me instructions? What kind of a monster was it?  Where does it live? Help me to get to his place and so take his life and the lives of his followers. and then we may continue on to the West." The old fellow said: "This mountain is called Gold Pocket. At the front of the mountain there is a Gold Pocket Cave. In that cave there is a rhinoceros king. The spirit of that rhinoceros king casts its sway far abroad, and his martial prowess is tremendous. This time those three will surely have lost their lives. If you go in search of them, it will be hard to count on your own survival. It would be better simply not to go. I am not in any position to prevent you. You must make your own assessment."

行者再拜稱謝道:「多蒙公公指教。我豈有不尋之理?」把這齋飯倒與他,將這空缽盂自家收拾。那老翁放下拐棒,接了缽盂,遞與僮僕,現出本相,雙雙跪下磕 頭,叫:「大聖,小神不敢隱瞞。我們兩個就是此山山神、土地,在此候接大聖。這齋飯連缽盂,小神收下,讓大聖身輕好施法力。待救唐僧出難,將此齋飯還奉唐 僧,方顯得大聖至恭至孝。」行者喝道:「你這毛鬼討打。既知我到,何不早迎,卻又這般藏頭露尾,是甚道理?」土地道:「大聖性急,小神不敢造次,恐犯威 顏,故此隱像告知。」行者息怒道:「你且記打。好生與我收著缽盂,待我拿那妖精去來。」土地、山神遵領。

Monkey repeated made reverences and thanked him saying, "I have learned much from my grandfather's instruction. But how could there be any way that I would not search for them?" He turned the rice he had begged over to the old gentleman, and himself saw to cleaning up the begging bowl. The old gentleman put down his walking stick, took up the begging bowl, and passed it to his young servant. Then he revealed his true form. and as a pair they prostrated themselves and kowtowed, calling out, "Great Sage, this little god dares not conceal himself further. The two of us are the mountain god and the soil god of this vicinity, and we have been waiting here to meet you. I will accept this offering of food and this begging bowl, in order to permit the Great Sage to minimize his impediments and be fully free to exercise his holy powers. After you shall have saved Tripitaka and escaped danger, I will return these alms as an offering to Tripitaka. Then it will be entirely clear how the Great Sage is the most fully respectful and most full of filial piety."  Monkey applauded these words and said, "The little demons hereabouts seek a fight, and they already know that I have arrived. So why do I not give them the earliest accommodation of their wishes? What would be the rationale for me to continue in this way to hide my head and only expose my tail?" The god of the soil said, "Great Sage, your nature is to be very rash. This minor god dared not be too forthright for fear of going up against your prestige. It was for this reason that we concealed our true natures and later made them known." Monkey quelled his anger and said, "Be a good lad and take care of this begging bowl for me until I have apprehended those demons and brought them out." The god of the soil and the god of the mountain followed his commands.

這大聖卻才束一束虎筋絛,拽起虎皮裙,執著金箍棒,徑奔山前,找尋妖洞。轉過山崖,只見那亂石磷磷,翠崖邊有兩扇石門,門外有許多小妖,在那裡掄槍舞劍。 真個是:

No sooner than the Great Sage had tied the tiger sinew belt around himself, wrapped the tiger skin kilt around his waist, and grasped his magic cudgel, did he set off running along the path to find the demon cavern. When he had gone beyond the cliff he saw that the whole area was covered in great disarray with glistening, glowing boulders. Beside an azure cliff there was a stone double door, and outside that door there were many little demons twirling with their spears and dancing with their swords. Truly the scene is well described by the words:

Smoke and clouds form up auspiciously, and the moss mounds verdantly.
Lofty and precipitous the weirdly shaped stones are piled. Twisting through the rugged terrain the crooked road winds on.
Apes screech and birds call amidst the beautiful scene. The Phoenix and its counterpart fly and dance like a wind whipped ocean.
Bending toward the light several plum trees are beginning to show buds. Played with by the warmth, a thousand stalks of bamboo turn themselves green.
Below the steep precipice there lies a deep mountain stream,
Beneath the precipitous cliff there is snow drifting like powder, and in the deep streams the water is turning to ice.
Two groves of pine and cedar are their best in a thousand years, and the many tea groves are all equal in showing their cold weather foliage.

這大聖觀看不盡,拽開步徑至門前,厲聲高叫道:「那小妖,你快進去與你那洞主說,我本是唐朝聖僧徒弟齊天大聖孫悟空。快教他送我師父出來,免教你等喪了性 命。」

The Great Sage could not take it all in. He lengthened his stride and went right up to the door. In a fierce tone he loudly shouted, "You little imp, hurry up and go inside and tell the master of this cave that I am sure enough the disciple of the holy monk deputed by the Tang court, the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, Sun Wu-kong! Instruct him to quickly deliver my master in order that he might escape death
 at my hands."

那夥小妖急入洞裡報道:「大王,前面有一個毛臉勾嘴的和尚,稱是齊天大聖孫悟空,來要他師父哩。」那魔王聞得此言,滿心歡喜道:「正要他來哩。我自離了本 宮,下降塵世,更不曾試試武藝。今日他來,必是個對手。」即命小妖們取出兵器。那洞中大小群妖,一個個精神抖擻,即忙擡出一根丈二長的點鋼槍,遞與老怪。 老怪傳令,教:「小的們,各要整齊。進前者賞,退後者誅!」眾妖得令,隨著老怪,走出門來,叫道:「那個是孫悟空?」

That mob of little demons excitedly entered the cave and reported: "Great king, out front there is a furry-faced monk with a hooked snout. He claims he is the Great Sage Equal to Heaven Sun Wu-kong. He is here looking for his master." The demon king heard these words and delightedly said, "I was just looking forward to his arrival. Since I left my earlier palace and descended into this world of dust I have never yet had an opportunity to test my martial skills. Today he has brought himself here, and he must be my opponent." Then he commanded the little demons to take out his weapons. The whole group of demons, great and small, had their spirits roiled up. They hurriedly hoisted out a two rod long steel pike and handed it to the old demon. The old demon sent forth a command, saying: "Juniors, you must all be arrayed in proper order. Those who fight to the fore will be rewarded and those who shrink to the rear will be punished!" The whole lot of them accepted this command and walked out the gate, calling out, "Which one is Sun Wu-kong?"

As Monkey whipped by he saw that the king of devils was not bad looking at all.

獨角參差,雙眸晃亮。頂上粗皮突,耳根黑肉光。舌長時攪鼻,口闊版牙黃。毛皮青似靛,筋攣硬如鋼。比犀難照水,像牯不耕荒。全無喘月犁雲用,倒有欺天振地 強。兩隻焦筋藍靛手,雄威直挺點鋼槍。細看這等兇模樣,不枉名稱兕大王。

He had a single horn that was twisted and convoluted, his pair of eyes were dazzling, the black flesh at the base of his ears was shiny. When he stuck his tongue out he could lick his nose. The thick fat teeth in his wide mouth were yellow, and his pelt was the blue of indigo pigment. He was like a rhinoceros that would not condescend to cast his visage on water, and like a bullock that would not plow uncultivated land. He was a useless as a water buffalo that escapes the heat of the moon or that seeks to plow the clouds. And yet he was strong enough to bully Heaven and to make the whole Earth shudder. He had two hands of blue with tendons that stood out like scorched gristle. His martial visage was enough in itself to puncture like a steel spear. Under critical examination, it would be no exaggeration to call him the Great Rhinoceros King.

孫大聖上前道:「你孫外公在這裡也。快早還我師父,兩無毀傷;若道半個『不』字,我教你死無葬身之地!」那魔喝道:「我把你這個大膽潑猴精!你有些甚麼手 段,敢出這般大言?」行者道:「你這潑物!是也不曾見我老孫的手段。」那妖魔道:「你師父偷盜我的衣服,實是我拿住了,如今待要蒸吃。你是個甚麼好漢,就 敢上我的門來取討?」行者道:「我師父乃忠良正直之僧,豈有偷你甚麼妖物之理?」妖魔道:「我在山路邊點化一座仙莊,你師父潛入裡面,心愛情慾,將我三領 納錦綿裝背心兒偷穿在身,見有贓證,故此我才拿他。你今果有手段,即與我比勢:假若三合敵得我,饒了你師之命;如敵不過我,教你一路歸陰。」

Monkey went to the fore and shouted, "Your Grandfather Sun is here. Hurry up and return my master to me, and I won't cause you any injury. If I hear as much as half of the word 'no,' I'll fix it so you'll die and there won't be anyplace to bury you!" That demon shouted back, "I'll get you, you foolhardy clotted monkey semen! What kind of technique do you have that makes you dare to put out this guff?" Monkey replied, "You're a drip yourself! It's clear that you have never seen this old monkey's techniques." That demon said, "Your master robbed me of my clothing. It is most certainly true that I captured him. I'm just waiting to get him steamed to eat. What kind of a bravo are you to dare come to my own door in search of combat?" Monkey said, "My master is a fully moral monk. How could it be possible that he would steal something from the devilish likes of you?" The demon said: "I transformed into a dwelling fit for immortals by the side of the road. Your master sneaked. He must be very interested in sexual desire. He got my three embroidered vests and in secret he dressed himself in them. I have his booty here as proof. It is only for this reason that I have taken him in hand. Now if you have some kind of technique, then let's pit our strength against each other. If you can best me three times, then I will restore your master's life to him. If you are unable to overcome me, then I'll put you to death."

Monkey laughed and said, "You drip. You need not run your mouth. Just speak of the contest, for that is just what I had in mind. Come on out here, and take a lick from my cudgel."  That demon of course had no fear of a fight, He hauled out his steel pike and rushed forward to strike at Monkey's face. This match was well able to get someone killed. Just take a look!

The metal cudgel was raised, and was met with a long spear.
The wielding of the metal cudgel -- flashing brilliantly like lightning striking a metal snake.
The response of the long spear -- dazzling brightly like a dragon emerging from a black sea.
The little demons in front of the double doors arrayed themselves in martial order to aid the stalwart feeling given.
The Great Sage, near the compound wall, demonstrated his true abilities in all directions.
He on that side, carrying a great spear, had a spirit that shook one and all.
On our side, a single cudgel with martial technique both excellent and strong.
Truly it was a case of one heroic figure meeting his counterpart, and as could be expected each opponent immediately clashed with the other.
That demon king spurted violet lifebreath that coiled into smoke and fog from his mouth, and this Great Sage sent out rays of light from his eyes that traced an embroidered pattern in the clouds.
Simply because the great Tripitaka was in trouble, the two heroes contended for no justifiable reason.

他兩個戰經三十合,不分勝負。那魔王見孫悟空棍法齊整,一往一來,全無些破綻,喜得他連聲喝采道:「好猴兒,好猴兒,真個是那鬧天宮的本事。」這大聖也愛 他槍法不亂,右遮左擋,甚有解數,也叫道:「好妖精,好妖精。果然是一個偷丹的魔頭。」二人又鬥了一二十合,那魔王把槍尖點地,喝令小妖齊來。那些潑怪一 個個拿刀弄杖,執劍掄槍,把個孫大聖圍在中間。行者公然不懼,只叫:「來得好,來得好,正合吾意。」使一條金箍棒,前迎後架,東擋西除。那夥群妖莫想肯 退。行者忍不住焦躁,把金箍棒丟將起去,喝聲:「變!」即變作千百條鐵棒,好便似飛蛇走蟒,盈空裡亂落下來。那夥妖精見了,一個個魄散魂飛,抱頸縮頭,盡 往洞中逃命。老魔王唏唏冷笑道:「那猴不要無禮,看手段。」即忙袖中取出一個亮灼灼白森森的圈子來,望空拋起,叫聲:「著!」唿喇一下,把金箍棒收做一 條,套將去了。弄得孫大聖赤手空拳,翻觔斗逃了性命。那妖魔得勝回歸洞,行者朦朧失主張。這正是:

The two of them fought through thirty clashes without sorting out who would win and who would lose. The demon king saw that Sun Wu-kong had an impenetrable technique for using his cudgel. Whether going or coming he never left the slightest opening. He was so gratified by this display that he exclaimed over and over again, "Good monkey! Good monkey! This is truly the martial ability with which he disturbed the peace of Heaven." The Great Sage loved the fully disciplined spear technique of his adversary that concealed on the right while it blocked on the left.  He really has good moves. So Monkey too cried out, "Good monster! Good monster! This monster is indeed one who can steal (cinnabar =) immortality.   The two of them fought for another ten or twenty times. Then the demon king touched earth with the point of his spear, and commanded all the lesser demons to join in. Those inspissated drips each got their swords, wielded their staffs, grasped their swords, or twirled their spears, and they surrounded the Great Sage. Monkey was clearly not intimidated. He merely called out, "You're just in time! Just in time! This is just what I have been look forward to!"  He used his single cudgel to meet their strokes coming from in front of him, support himself from behind, block them on the east, and take them out on the west.  The flock of demons had no intention of retreating. Monkey could not help getting overwrought. He threw the cudgel up in the air and shouted, "Change!" It turned into hundreds and thousands of cudgels, and conveniently they became like flying snakes and running pythons that filled the sky and fell down in random profusion so that when the assembled lesser demons saw them they were all so terrified they lost their wits and spirits.  They shielded their necks and pulled in their heads, and with the intent of saving their own lives they all retreated into the cave. The old demon king gave out a "heh heh" and smiling coldly said, "That monkey ought not so freely go against the standards of propriety. Let him behold my own trick!" He hurriedly took a gleaming white hoop from within his sleeve, threw it into the air, and yelled out, "Seize!"  With a whoosh it captured all the cudgels into a single bundle, which the demon then carried off with him as a set, thus leaving the Great Sage Sun Wu-kong bare handed and with nothing in his grasp. He made a somersault and fled for his life. The demon returned to his cave in victory. Monkey was flabbergasted and had no idea of what to do. This situation is truly described in the couplet:

The Daoist gains a foot in height, the demon gains a rod. So disordered the nature, so muddled the feelings, that he takes the wrong house as his own.
Hateful though it may be, the dharma body has lost its true locus, and at the time Monkey's actions and thoughts both came up short.

If, to tell the truth, you do not know how this matter was brought to a conclusion, then read the next episode where all will be explained.