Entanglement, Quantum Mechanics and Daoism:
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Here is an overview of "entanglement" and how two main groups of physicists understand it:

Three levels of Entanglement
Explanations of the above chart that shows (bottom to top) (1) What is available to us in experience, (2) The way that Niels Bohr and his group explained these findings theoretically, (3) the way Einstein and his group explained these empirical facts theoretically, and (4) something about the way that different groups can interpret the theories and make them apply to the real world.

  1. Laboratory apparatus Entanglement 01 Laser, BBO crystal, pairs of photons emitted, clockwise spin for one, counterclockwise spin for the other
  2. Results such as spin Entanglement 02 Photons stay "out of touch with the universe" until something interacts with them. We can measure their spins, which are correlated.    
  3. How Bohr, Heisenberg, et al. see things (1) Entanglement 03 Psi (Ψ) functions describe present state and probabilities of future states of the photons. Superposition of states.
  4. How Bohr, Heisenberg, et al. see things (2) Entanglement 04 The catch is that they have to be different, but we can't explain why they will be different.   Otherwise its like.... Sorry, see (5).
  5. How Bohr, Heisenberg, et al. see things (3) Entanglement 05 (Tail end of the previous segment. Sorry, segments are limited to 5 minutes.)
  6. Einstein et al. think hidden variables are involved (1) Entanglement 06 Shouldn't both photons make a "free will" decision on how to spin? They do not both choose randomly.
  7. Daoist interpretation (1) Daoist Interpretation 01 Humans use  concepts to create and to understand their world.
  8. Daoist interpretation (2) Daoist Interpretation 02 Concepts are used to explain the laser experiment to ourselves, and certain factors are available to empirical examination.
  9. Daoist interpretation (3) Daoist Interpretation 03 Interpersonal objects are experiences that can be shared with other people. Parts of the experiment are not experienced.
10. Daoist interpretation (4) Daoist Interpretation 04  Humans get clear evidence for some things, but much of what happens is hidden. We need convenient fictions to help us cope.
11. Daoist interpretation (5) Daoist Interpretation 05  How can "how to spin" be coordinated instantaneously over any distance?
12. Daoist interpretation (6) Daoist Interpretation 06 Why isn't spin of the second photon a matter of chance? ? The unexpected...
13. Daoist interpretation (7) Daoist Interpretation 07  Between laser and detection device has to be a matter of a model constructed on the basis of partial knowledge.